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Temporary Tooth Repair Kit

Temporary Tooth Repair Kit

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Expertly repair your teeth with our Temporary Tooth Repair Kit. This easy-to-use kit is designed to fix gaps in teeth and provide a strong, solid glue for false teeth. Not only does it repair, but it also offers teeth whitening and enhances your overall tooth beauty. 


The 15g/25g Temporary Tooth Repair Kit is a versatile dental care product designed for various temporary dental needs. Here’s a brief overview of its components and uses:


  1. Temporary Tooth Repair Glue (15g/25g):

    • This solid glue is used for repairing teeth and filling gaps.
    • The quantity (15g or 25g) refers to the amount of glue included in the kit.
  2. False Teeth Material:

    • This component is used to create temporary false teeth for cosmetic purposes.
    • It can be molded to fit the gap or space left by a missing tooth.
  3. Denture Adhesive:

    • This adhesive helps to secure the temporary repair material or false teeth in place.
    • It provides a temporary solution until a permanent fix can be applied.


  1. Temporary Repairs:

    • Ideal for temporary repairs of broken or chipped teeth.
    • Can be used to fill small gaps between teeth.
  2. False Teeth:

    • Useful for creating temporary false teeth to improve appearance.
    • Helps in maintaining a natural look until professional dental work can be done.
  3. Teeth Whitening:

    • Some kits may include whitening components to enhance the appearance of teeth.
    • Helps to maintain a bright and clean smile.
  4. Cosmetic Enhancements:

    • Used to enhance the overall look of your teeth.
    • Provides a quick and temporary solution for special occasions or emergencies.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Prepare the Repair Material:

    • Heat the solid glue until it becomes pliable.
    • Mold it to the desired shape to fit the gap or damaged area.
  2. Apply the Repair Material:

    • Place the molded material into the gap or over the damaged tooth.
    • Use the denture adhesive to secure it in place.
  3. Allow to Set:

    • Allow the material to set and harden as per the instructions.
    • Ensure it is firmly in place and comfortable.
  4. Maintain Oral Hygiene:

    • Follow regular oral hygiene practices even with the temporary repair in place.
    • Be gentle around the repaired area to ensure it stays intact.
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