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2 In1 Winged Stamp Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

2 In1 Winged Stamp Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

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Get perfect winged eyeliner every time with our 2 In1 Winged Stamp Liquid Eyeliner. This water-proof and fast-drying formula is designed with a double-ended black seal to make application quick and easy. 

 1. Winged Stamp: It includes a stamp feature for creating winged eyeliner looks, which can make it easier to achieve a symmetrical winged eyeliner style.

2. Liquid Eyeliner Pencil: Combines the precision of a liquid eyeliner with the ease of application of a pencil.

3. Waterproof: This eyeliner is designed to be resistant to water, ensuring that your eyeliner stays in place throughout the day.

4. Fast Dry: The formula dries quickly, preventing smudging and smearing. 

5. Double-ended: It has two ends, one for the winged stamp and the other for regular eyeliner application.

6. Black: The eyeliner is in a classic black color.

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